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How I Passed My KCNA Exam

3 minute read

At work, we were looking into switching from using IIS servers to moving to Kubernetes after we have containerized our application. I found this to be an exc...

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Keeping your secrets out of .NET Core 2.0

7 minute read

We have all probably done it once or twice (maybe more). Whether it has been intentional or the just forgetting to remove something before committing your co...

Visual Studio and .EditorConfig

4 minute read

Introduction Do you work on a team that cannot seem to follow a coding style? Or do you sometimes find yourself not following your own preferred coding st...

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Complex Objects and TempData using .NET Core

4 minute read

There is a clever way to implement Bootstrap Alerts using the MVC Framework’s ‘TempData’ object. James Chambers made an excellent post on this back in 2014. ...

Uninstalling Visual Studio

2 minute read

On March 7th, Microsoft will be releasing Visual Studio 2017. While it is perfectly fine to have multiple versions of Visual Studio installed along side of o...

Impostor Syndrome

4 minute read

What is Impostor Syndrome? What are some signs that you have it and how to overcome it? This is what we will be covering in this post.

Mutable Vs Immutable

2 minute read

You’ve likely heard these terms before, Mutable and Immutable, whether it was on a podcast, blog, or in some documentation. Some people don’t quite understan...

Tuples - Quick Start Guide

5 minute read

What’s a Tuple? How do they work? In this post we will explore just what a Tuple is, the basics, and what new features we will see in Tuples for C# 7.0. They...

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