HD Contacts

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  • Title: HD Contacts
  • Categories: Android App
  • Author: Joshua C Garrison
  • Created: May 2012


In the spring of 2012, I had to have some surgery done that resulted me to remain in a bed for several weeks. So in the meantime, I began to learn to write android applications. There was a particular bug/issue in the Android operating system that was bugging me and Google didn’t have an ETA on when a fix would arrive. So I began to write a work-around for that bug as my application. Thus, HD Contacts was made.

The application basically just takes one of your contacts that you want to apply a picture to and opens it up in an Activity where you will select an image for them and then crop it to the appropriate size that you want for their contact picture. It then saves the data into files on the SD Card (for portability) and then after you done, you have a collection of these images and who they belong to. It is mostly useful for people who root their phones and flash several ROMs often.

Like many projects though, they have to come to an end. Eventually google fixed the bug that bothered me and I didn’t have time to continue maintaining the code and working a full-time job. So I discontinued the project.

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